Love is a sun

I opened my window
To let the sun in
While you were sleeping
so deeply

I made black coffee
To see if I was not dreaming
I did not want to believe
To believe once more

Love is a sun
Which has often warmed my heart
But when it burns too hard
It scares me

You come,
And you make me want to live,
me who, yesterday,
Wanted to throw myself into the void
I wake
To the sweetness of another body,
And love is a sun,
Which shines once more on my days

We’ll make ourselves a world
Where we’ll take one another by the hand
You, you will give me
The strength to go further

Love is a sun
Which often burned my wings
But tell me that, with you,
It won’t be the same.


About Khamir_Yeast

Pengajar dan Penulis Independen, Penyayang Kucing, Karakter : Humoris tapi Gampang Tersinggung, Agak temperamental dan cepat emosi, Cepat memaafkan, Lebih suka menganalisa sebelum berkomentar, Bersahabat tapi gak suka dengan orang yang Lebay. Suka makanan yang pedas. Hobi melukis, berenang, dan memasak. Moto Hidup : BATU saja bisa PECAH apalagi MASALAH ....

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