A story that falls through
Some words on your piano
It’s over
It’s a whole life
That clouds over

I saw it in your look
I felt your despair
What does it gets
To pretend
To believe in it ?

Don’t hold back your tears
Let your sorrow go
It’s the start of a new chapter
And you can do nothing to change it
Don’t hold back your tears
Crying does you good
And if you feel grief
You know I love you
I’ll never be far

You cling to your past
As if everything was motionless
We have to help each other
And forget
The pain that comes little by little
This absence that hurts so much
Don’t be scared
Listen to your heart


About Khamir_Yeast

Pengajar dan Penulis Independen, Penyayang Kucing, Karakter : Humoris tapi Gampang Tersinggung, Agak temperamental dan cepat emosi, Cepat memaafkan, Lebih suka menganalisa sebelum berkomentar, Bersahabat tapi gak suka dengan orang yang Lebay. Suka makanan yang pedas. Hobi melukis, berenang, dan memasak. Moto Hidup : BATU saja bisa PECAH apalagi MASALAH ....

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