I’ll become a happy butterfly
And I’ll ride on the glittering wind
Than I’ll come
I’ll come to see you soon
It’s best to forget
All the unnecessary things
There’s no more time
To be fooling around

What the wow wow wow wow wow
I wonder if we’ll reach the skies
But wow wow wow wow wow
I don’t even know what my plans are for tomorrow

After an endless dream
In this world of nothingness
It seems as if our
Beloved dreams will lose
Even with these unreliable wings
Covered in images that tend to stay
I’m sure we can fly
On my love


About Khamir_Yeast

Pengajar dan Penulis Independen, Penyayang Kucing, Karakter : Humoris tapi Gampang Tersinggung, Agak temperamental dan cepat emosi, Cepat memaafkan, Lebih suka menganalisa sebelum berkomentar, Bersahabat tapi gak suka dengan orang yang Lebay. Suka makanan yang pedas. Hobi melukis, berenang, dan memasak. Moto Hidup : BATU saja bisa PECAH apalagi MASALAH ....

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