Facebook Group ‘Everybody Mohammed Draw Day’ protests in different parts of the world because of insulting Muslims. Seattle cartoonist who spawned the idea that race was now regretting his actions.

Molly Norris was the original cartoonist Seattle, U.S., who first published the Prophet Muhammad’s poster drawing competition was at his personal website. The goal is to defend the South Park cartoons in particular to the 201 episodes of the television station Comedy Central censored, because it shows scenes of the Prophet Muhammad wearing a bear costume.

This publication and were met with a U.S. public Facebook group titled the same. The group is not known the author was later caused international protests.

“I apologize to Muslims. I do not make a cartoon contest that Facebook group. What makes the other person,” said Norris in his personal site as reported by AFP on Thursday (20/05/2010).

According to Norris he only made one cartoon-related ban on cartoon South Park episode. But he had no idea of cartoons published widely and even became a kind of movement on Facebook.

“I was very surprised. The aim was originally associated only censorship of Comedy Central, but the effect even insulting Muslims who had nothing to do with this,” he explained.

Norris believes censorship of Comedy Central believes violates human rights. But he also admitted that the cartoons were negligent violation of rights of religious people of Muslim.

“It was insulting Muslims who do not even interfere with our rights to think,” he concluded.


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