Movement of the Prophet Muhammad caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad sketch competition, social networking pages on Facebook reap the controversy.

Most Muslims around the world, including Indonesia angry and humiliated. Pakistan even more advanced, the Lahore High Court ordered the Pakistan Telecommunications Council to block Facebook began Wednesday, May 19, 2010.

Opposition movement also emerged in Facebook with the name of Against “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day”. This group calls for boycott Facebook on today, Thursday, May 20, 2010 – which made ‘the day drawing of the Prophet Muhammad’ group version of ‘Everybody Muhammed Draw Day’.

“Who’s going to boycott Facebook on May 20, 2010? We need real action from all the Muslims and non-Muslims, who believe there is in the right,” exclaimed the group.

This group strongly opposed to the loading of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad. “We ask for account ‘Everybody Draw Muhammed Day’ is closed forever.”

Until Thursday, May 20th, 2010 at 10:15 pm, supporters of the page Against “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” amounted to 75 074 facebookers, while the pages’ Everybody Draw Mohammed’s Day! ” less, 68 126 facebookers.

Not only that, it also appears the group ‘Everybody Who is against the “Draw Mohammed Day” on Facebook.

The group has 4690 supporters also called for a boycott Facebook on this day. “We demand that Facebook closed the account ‘Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!’.

Movement drawing cartoons which is called by the group ‘Everybody Draw Mohammed’s Day! ” so the debate internationally, and reap the blasphemy of the Muslim world.

Administrators group hastily make a clarification. They said this is not a race, but work together.

“We do not intend to slander against Muslims, this is not a group that intends to insult Islam. This is only one way against the extremists who commit violence on those who described the Prophet Muhammad.”


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