Charm Sciences, Inc. announces the Charm Streptomycin Test, a new Rapid One Step Assay (ROSA) for the detection of streptomycin in raw milk.

Charm Streptomycin Test uses patented ROSA technology – combining fast, accurate detection with ease of use. It follows the same simple procedure and uses the same equipment as other ROSA lateral flow milk tests – add milk to the test strip, incubate and read on the ROSA Pearl Reader.

With a minimum detection level of 75 ppb, the Charm Streptomycin Test helps users meet regulatory requirements around the world: EU/CODEX/Australian/New Zealand MRL (200 ppb), US Tolerance (0 ppb), Canadian MRL (125 ppb), and the new Russian Milk Federation import requirement of 500 ppb. Streptomycin is a member of the aminoglycoside family and can inhibit the growth of yoghurt and cheese cultures.

Charm Streptomycin Test joins the Charm family of ROSA milk tests – the leading residue diagnostic tests employed by the dairy industry worldwide. Other ROSA milk tests include beta-lactam tests for the North American dairy market, MRL beta-lactam tests for international markets, as well as tests for tetracyclines, sulfa drugs, enrofloxacin, chloramphenicol, and aflatoxin M1. Combination beta-lactam/tetracycline kits are also available. All ROSA tests follow a similar test procedure and uses the same equipment, making testing efficient and cost effective. The ROSA Pearl Reader stores results electronically for record keeping and analysis.


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